Chic Bohemian garments and accessories combine freeform and modular elements to set the stage for a creative and sophisticated approach to fabric construction. The jewelry reflects the highly textured and colorful nature of the garments. Cuffs, chokers and earrings are often chunky and substantial to complement and balance the garments’ fabric density and stitch patterns.


From dusters to hats, scarfs to bags, each design is joyful medley of fiber and stitches, layering colors in ways that blur and blend, leaving an impression of pattern; thus, “painting” with yarn. Mitered shapes meet shells and coils with surprised beaded elements.


Cuffs, chokers and earrings, oh my! Not to mention pendants and brooches to accompany the garments and scarfs, often designed to “go together.” Items are at once whimsical and elegant with a focus on freeform techniques employing glass and crystal beads in a range of sizes featuring Czech glass and hand-crafted cabochons, “found objects” and semi-precious stones, all carefully hand-stitched.